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About the West Routt Fire Protection District


In 1963

The Fire District was formed in 1963 as a Title 32 Special District in Routt County. At the time, the District took over the assets of the Hayden Fire Department. The District was formed to provide the rural residents with fire protection. The District had one engine, a 1937 Diamond T, one quick response engine, a Dodge one ton truck with a slide in unit, and a State Forest Service Wild land ¾ ton truck.


In 1975

The District purchased its first Modern Type one fire truck, a 1975 John Bean Pumper.


In 1978

Our District bought an E-ONE 4x4 pumper to  be able to provide the rural residents with better protection with a 4x4 Vehicle. In the late 70’s, the District purchased a 2000 gal Tender (Water Truck) to provide water supply to the areas with no Hydrants.


In 1981

The District took over the provision of Ambulance Service from Routt County. This is the same time as the other four Fire Districts were formed in the County. The county got out of the Ambulance business and turned all the equipment over to the Fire Districts. Also in 1981, the District passed a bond issue to build the fire station we currently occupy.


In 1982

The district purchased the Rescue Truck that is still in service today. In the early 1980’s, the district bought one of the Tenders that is still in service today. In 1985, Engine 7-3 was purchased.


In 1988

The District bought an Ambulance to have a back up Ambulance available to the District.  In 1990, the District hired the first full time Fire Chief in the County. In 1991, the District bought the second 2500 gallon tender that is in service today.


In 1996

A new Ambulance was purchased with assistance from the EMS Grant Fund.


In 1999

The District erected the Training Facility to use to train the Fire Fighters. The facility was partially funded with an Energy Impact Grant.


In 2001

Engine 7-1 was bought to improve the District’s wild land urban interface capability, also Brush 7-4 and Staff 7-9 were purchased that year as well.


In 2003

Engine 7-6 was purchased to replace aging apparatus. In 2004, a new Ambulance was purchased with assistance from the State EMS grant fund. In 2007, an Asst. EMS Chief was hired full time. That fall, because of family issues, he resigned, and 2 part time EMS providers were hired to fill that position. One of those providers quit and in January of 2008, another EMS Asst. Chief was hired. In 2009 another Part time EMS Provider was hired, to help provide EMS coverage. In 2011, two more Part time EMS providers were hired. In 2012, two more part time staff were hired to cover EMS shifts.


In 2012

A new Ambulance was purchased with 90% funding from the State EMS Grant Fund.



Currently, there are two people on shift every day at the station to provide service. That can either be Fire or EMS. This allows us to get the first Ambulance out the door in a reasonable time frame.  As of June 13, 2013, there are 8 Fire fighters, 3 EMS Personnel, and 5 that are cross trained for both Fire and EMS. Of the 8 people that are EMS trained, 5 are trained at the Advanced Life Support level, and 4 are trained at the Basic Life Support level. Of the 13 firefighters, 3 are nationally certified at the Fire Fighter 2 level.




Ross Fralick 276-7281

36155 RCR #51 846-5055( cell)

Hayden CO 81639



Vice President


Edward E. Hockin 276-3610

PO Box 1029

Hayden CO 81639

Secretary/Treasurer 2010-2014

David J. Funk  276-3314

P.O. Box28 629-1977( cell)

Hayden, CO 81639


Rodney B. McGowen 2012-2014


PO Box 628

Hayden CO 81639


Terry L. Wattles 2010-2014


PO Box 1191

Hayden, CO 81639

Board Members

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